Titan Tee's

  This is the Most Advanced New Practice Tee in the Golf Industry Today.    


swivel  pivot Unlike ordinary tees that break or snap out of the ground - the Titan Golf Tee utilizes a stationary base with a cutout fairway window - all built around the pivot and swivel design. 


The Titan Golf System is designed to give you the most accurate feedback from the point of impact of any golf product today. 

product package Key Features Include 

   - Cut out Fairway Window 

   - Swivel and Pivot Design

   - Stationary Practice Base

   - Interchangable Tee Heights

   - Cam Lock Feature.

   - The Only Tee with a Warranty

   - Re-Usable Over and Over



It tells you when you hit it right and when you hit it wrong.


titan teesIt Helps you Practice These Areas

   - Develop Correct Foot Location.

  - Shows if you have Square Clubface Contact w/ Ball.

  - Learn to hit in the Power Zone for Greater Distance.

  - Correct Hooks and Slices.     

Instant Benefits

  - Consistant Tee Height Every Time.

  - Cleaner Release for more Accurate Flight and Distance.

  - Best Tool to use on Practice Round.

  - Gives Instant Feedback After Every Swing.

   Great Addition to your Golf Lessons.





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